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Great Books On Faith

Dear friend,

When God put it into my heart to utilize our video resources to explain, inform and encourage others about FAITH, I began vigorously searching the library for books on the subject.  Presented here is a brief excerpt  from one of those books.  On a weekly basis, I will provide a brief excerpt from one of the books I felt had a great deal to offer.  I encourage you read this book in its entirety.

-Howard Gage

Success God’s Way; Charles Stanley


The God-focused and spiritually mature person is freed from striving.  He lives in a steady state of confidence – confidence in God’s power and presence, confidence born of relationship with God – while at the same time living in the hope of greater things that God will unfold and reveal and bestow.God wants you to succeed and stands ready to help you beyond your greatest dreams.
God has given us all of the principles for genuine success in His Word.  He has made the knowledge of how to be successful to every person.
God has built into each person a desire for success.
Third, God has given each person talents and gifts that, when developed and employed, yield the benefits of success. How many of us truly want to prosper to the degree that our souls are prospering?  Frankly, most people I encounter hope that the Lord will prosper them in their finances and material lives far more than their souls are prospering.  If they were to prosper financially only to the degree they were prospering spiritually, they’d be living in poverty.Our success always has conditions on it, and the conditions are primarily spiritual.


Be Anxious for Nothing; Joyce Meyer

(Referring to Abraham)  Isaac was God’s idea and plan; Ishmael was Sarah’s idea and plan.  One (Isaac) was the child of promise, the child of the spirit; the other (Ishmael) was the child of human effort, the child of the flesh.  Many times the reason we are having problems is because we have produced Ishmael’s rather than Isaacs.  We are reaping the consequences of trying to carry out our own ideas and plans rather than waiting for God to bring forth His ideas and plans.  When things don’t turn out the way we expect, we get angry at God because He is not making everything work out as we want it to.  But the problem is not God’s doing; it is ours.  What we fail to remember is that what is born of the Spirit is spirit, and what is born of the flesh is flesh.





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