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Journeys in Faith  –  Our Faith Story

Journeys in Faith is a video ministry focused on God’s desire that we trust Him implicitly in all aspects of our lives.  Emphasis is on how individuals experience faith, how they grow their faith and on examples of how God rewards their faith.  The platform for the videos is a faith based web site,   Our video personnel and technicians are spiritually oriented and are in search of individuals willing to share their God experiences with others. Journeys in Faith is an outgrowth of Videogenics which provides the video resources and expertise to the ministry.

In addition to testimonies offered by a wide variety of individuals willing to share their faith, other features on the web site include faith oriented scriptures, excerpts from authors and books exploring various aspects of faith as well as a collection of video features highlighting significant and unusual stories of faith.  It is our hope that through Journeys in Faith, we can help believers grow in their faith and that others will become interested enough to want to pursue the path of faith.

Currently we are featuring our Gideon story.  Our parent company, Videogenics, has suffered through the closure of a GM plant in the community.  Our financial struggle is monumental.  We face an IRS lien as well as substantial debt.  However, our belief is, like Gideon, God has purposely positioned us in this unfavorable predicament.  We firmly believe He is about to rescue us and when He does, we must assuredly give him all glory and honor for the victory.  We understand that if we are to advocate faith, we must first live it.

P.S.  The Gideon Society was organized here in Janesville, WI in 1899 at the YMCA.

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